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Communication and presentation excellence is not only relevant but a requirement to succeed in today's business environment.

Richard Clompus, OD, launched The Clompus Consulting Group in 2009 to provide services to the eye care industry. With over 30 years experience in patient care, global professional affairs and training programs, Dr. Clompus brings unique skills to his new agency. Many companies create content that look like it was made in the 1980’s. There are newer, more effective ways to connect with eye care professionals when its convenient for them.   

Attending Steve Job’s 2007 keynote presentation in San Francisco introducing the iPhone was the catalyst for Dr. Clompus to create simpler, cleaner and more memorable presentations. Dr. Clompus has published 45 articles, 3 book chapters and presented hundreds of national and international lectures. During his tenure as director of The Vision Care Institute, LLC with Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, he was responsible for educating thousands of optometry students and doctors.  In 2008, he introduced podcasts and videos to the program.  In 2010 and 2011, as Coopervision's Vice-President of Global Professional Affairs, Dr. Clompus presented original research modeling successful prescribing behavior of U.S. eye care professionals at the British Contact Lens Association's annual meeting in the UK.

"This was one of the best and most original lectures I've heard at BCLA” said Professor Brien Holden of the Brien Holden Vision Institute.  
“I have known Dr. Clompus for many years. His insight, careful thought, communication skills and genuinely wonderful personality are the highlights of his multiple skill sets. His greatest attribute, however, is his passion for his work. Richard’s input into any and all projects is of tremendous value to the ophthalmic industry.” Larry J Alexander, OD, FAAO
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we help you communicate clearly so your messages are remembered. In this new digital age, few companies get this right. 

Millennials learn differently. They prefer accurate information in shorter segments accessible with mobile devices at their convenience.  The 50 minute webinar is an effective treatment for insomnia. We create customized digital media to inform eye care professionals about new products and services. Our video tutorials looks different because they are different. We filter out the extraneous and deliver content that is sticky and easy to remember.

Audio podcast interviews with key opinion leaders and product evangelists are incredibly effective tools to inform and influence peers.  Audio testimonials that convey user insights and enthusiasm are much more effective than words on a page. The Clompus Consulting Group has developed and refined digital technology to produce crystal clear audio podcasts with experts globally without the need for travel.  Its a new affordable method to share prescriber insights about your products from the ones that truly understand them. Broadcast quality audio can be used to educate and promote your products 24/7.  


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Trinidad, California.  Population 311.

Creating a new agency provides the opportunity to live just about anywhere - including a small fishing village in very northern California.  Photography is one of the reasons I entered into optometry and health care. Visualizing something helps you identify it, diagnose it and share it with others.  After helping others to see for almost a lifetime, I can now share my images with you.  Each of us carries a unique vision of the world that comes out when you take enough photographs.  Here's a peak into mine.  RC